Secrets of the Soul

A course in psychic and mediumistic development

with Maire Davies


Every single one of us is born with a Soul Purpose. Often the choices we make during our lifetime are a step towards that purpose but very few of us ever really discover who we really are!

Within our soul lies a deep sense of wisdom waiting to be discovered. Awakening the soul and our own sense of intuitive wisdom can be an incredibly powerful experience. As we learn to listen to the wisdom of the Soul, we reveal the gifts that lie deep within, leading to a clearer sense of self, helping us to make the right decisions and establish positive goals for the future.


As we learn to blend with our own soul and also with those who guide us from the unseen world, our mediumistic abilities begin to unfold and we become more aware of our own very unique spiritual potential. We achieve a greater understanding of our life’s purpose and indeed a greater understanding of life itself.

When we allow the spirit to guide us, this ultimately brings a great sense of healing and joy.

So come and join us on this mystical journey of joy and enlightenment - discover the real you and the hidden treasures of your soul.


The course

During this week Maire will pass on her knowledge and expertise and encourage you to open your awareness to awaken the secrets of the soul through a combination of mediumistic and psychic exercises. A structured and varied full day programme involves


* contemplation

* meditation

* practical exercises

* educational talks

* group discussions.


and will allow you to deepen your knowledge, enhance your capacities and build your confidence.

Maire understands that our spiritual unfoldment should be a gradual and nurturing process and so this week will be tailored to your own individual requirements.


Who is Maire Davies?

Maire Davies has been aware of her mediumistic ability since a very young age. Once she decided to actively pursue this spiritual connection she embarked on a journey of intensive study and development and now spends much of her time demonstrating and teaching many aspects of Spiritualism, presenting lectures, seminars and workshops.

Maire works with honesty and integrity and with the utmost respect for the Spirit World. She is passionate about Spiritualist Philosophy and believes we should all celebrate and embrace that wonderful spark of the divine that is inside of us all.

Maire devotes her working life to Spirit, encouraging others to discover their journey of the soul and takes great delight in teaching others how to realise the potential of their gifts.

Maire teaches with a modern, sensitive and loving approach, making her work accurate and heart-felt. Her courses involve not just enhancing mediumistic gifts, but advancement of the soul also, as she believes the two must go hand in hand.

Maire is an Accredited Speaker and Demonstrator and a Certificate Holder of the Spritualists’ National Union of Great Britain as well as a qualified Mikao Usui Reiki Master, (a complementary therapy for the treatment of physical, emotional, and mental diseases).   She is well-respected within the Spiritualist movement and is in great demand throughout the UK and overseas. 


Costs and reservations:

The price is £ 685 / € 795 and includes the course fee, 7 nights in our B&B, meals and all taxes. Travel expenses, insurance and excursions are not included.

We offer single rooms with shared bathroom (doubles and triple available on request) and we cater to special diets.

Please email for a registration form and our terms and conditions.


How to get there:

The nearest airport is Pisa and some low cost companies like Easyjet, Ryanair and British Airways fly directly from and to the UK. Once you have booked with us, we will send you further travel details.


PLEASE NOTE THAT IT TAKES AT LEAST 5 PEOPLE TO RUN THIS COURSE. Please do not make travel arrangements before you have confirmation that the course does run. You will be notified not later than the 1st of June.

'Whithin our soul lies a deep sense of wisdom waiting to be discovered'.

Maire Davies

€ 795
Price includes taxes
Accommodation is based on single rooms with shared bathrooms and include 3 meals a day and refreshments.
 11th - 18th Sept. 2017

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