Tarot reading weekend

with Felice Derkinderen


Life coach and tarot teacher Felice Derkinderen is going to visit Pietrasanta in the next couple of days and this is a very good opportunity for anyone who wants to shed light on personal matters to meet with her.
Felice is from Amsterdam and has been a life coach for many years and a Tarot reader for over 20. With a well running practice and links to the best personal development and spiritual schools of Amsterdam, she is a well established name in the field.
As she is extremely intuitive Felice is a capable mirror and with her discrete and coaching approach, she helps people to see more clearly what fills their head and heart.

Tarot is not about predicting the future, but its about gaining insight in whaterver is at hand through a filter of questions and reading the answers in the cards.

Felice does short or longer readings (between 20 minutes up to 1,5 hour) and prices range from a minumum of € 25 up to € 80 for 1,5 hour.


Felice is fluent in English.


The sittings will be held at

B&B Villa Masini-Luccetti

Capriglia di Pietrasanta

Please call 3408111661

Man creates the link between Nature and Archetype


From €25 (20 min)
to €80 (1,5 hour)
5 - 7 June 2015

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