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Get to know the house and its inhabitants

The Villa

Villa Masini-Luccetti is a 17th century country house that has been passed down from parent to child through the family. The villa is surrounded by a large well-kept garden confined by olive groves with a beautiful view of Versilia and, in the distance, the Mediterranean. The entire house, including the guestrooms, is tastefully furnished with authentic items. The addition of modern bathrooms has not changed the genuine charm of the house. Villa Masini-Luccetti is quiet and cool during hot summers and offers ample possibility to get inspired, rest or to prepare for the next activity or excursion.

The Villa has a lot of character and is spacious enough to guarantee guests’ tranquility while the family atmosphere is a genuinely warm and welcoming one.


The owner, proprietor or patron

My name is Elena Benvenuti (1966) and I have had the privilege to spend every summers of my life at the Villa. The house belonged to my mother and the owners (all members of the family) can be traced back several generations. Both my parents were from the area, but we all lived abroad for most of our lives. Still, I always return to Villa Masini-Luccetti for summers.


What is Il Bene?

In Italian a different word for villa or country house is il bene. It usually refers to the country house with some farmland with one or more small farm houses owned by a noble family to spend their summers away from the city. And that is exactly what Villa Masini-Luccetti is.

But Bene also means an asset or a good thing. And such positive and welcoming name seemed right for our summer courses.

Together with a team of professional tutors who happen to be inspiring friends, we program activities and courses in this wonderful setting. Our intention is to offer people the possibility to explore their talents or simply to rest and restore from life’s at times exhausting pace. Our retreats invite people to do what their heart cries out for and while they join our writing, sculpting or other courses, they usually find inspiration, zest or insights to take back to their everyday life. That’s the asset or the good thing we are aiming for.


Would you like to organise a course a reunion or a retreat here?

I’d love to hear your ideas and do contact me via the link below. Groups up to 6 people in single rooms or 10 in doubles. We provide food and lodging and our season is from June to October.





Elena Benvenuti

Villa Masini-Luccetti,
Via delle Piane 64
Capriglia di Pietrasanta (LU), Italy

Call us

+39 0584 771292
from June through September
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